Abstract Submission

Authors are invited to submit an abstract for a contributed talk or poster on any of the following topics:

  • Hybrid quantum systems (superconducting qubits, spin qubits, optomechanical systems…)
  • Quantum optics
  • Condensed matter physics, many-body systems and open quantum systems
  • Quantum resource theory, quantum error correction and fault-tolerant quantum computer architectures
  • Quantum information processing, networks and communication
  • Quantum algorithms and simulation

To submit, please fill the following form or send a one-page abstract (PDF or Word format) to fqst2020@qis1.ex.nii.ac.jp and specify the submission type in the subject as ‘FQST2020 – Talk’ or ‘FQST2020 – Poster’.

Submission Deadline: December 21st

The notification of acceptance will be by December 31st. Please note that due to the limited free slots for contributed talks, we may ask you to present your work during the poster session instead.

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