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Setsubun (Monday 3rd):

Setsubun, which literally means “seasonal division”, is a Japanese festival held on February 3rd that celebrates the end of winter according to the Lunar calendar. Traditionally, during this day, Japanese people used to perform a series of rituals with the purpose of chasing evil spirits away. One of the rituals that still remain today is the throwing of roasted beans at temples and shrines.

Sensoji Temple in Asakusa is one of the most popular temples in Tokyo and during this day many gather around to see the different dances, parades and bean-throwing ceremony. One tradition happening this day is that, while throwing the beans, one shouts “Long life, fortune in!” in japanese.

Craft Beer Market (Wednesday 5th):

The Craft Beer Market ( is a popular beer place in Jimbocho where many gather for a drink after a long day at work. They kindly booked the place for us from 18:00-20:00h with a closed price (3,000YEN/person) including “nomihodai” (all you can drink) and food.

If you would like to participate, please register before noon of Monday 3rd by filling the following form:

Registration Form:

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